Joint Council 25 Makes Endorsements for General Election on November 8
10.11.16 (Politics) — Teamsters Joint Council 25 has endorsed 124 labor-friendly candidates in the 2016 General Election. Endorsements include Tammy Duckworth for the U.S. Senate, Susana Mendoza for Illinois Comptroller, more than a dozen members of Congress, more than 30 members of the Illinois Senate and 75 members of the Illinois House. All Teamster members and supporters are encouraged to vote for these labor-friendly candidates on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
10.23.15 (Legislation) — Teamsters Joint Council 25 Urges Central States to Recall Pension Cut Proposal
In a recent letter to Central States Pension Fund Trustees, Teamsters Joint Council 25 President John T. Coli called on the Fund's Executive Director Thomas Nyhan to abandon the so-called "Pension Rescue Plan" submitted to the Treasury Department. Central States' proposal would drastically cut earned pension benefits for more than 400,000 Teamster retirees.
09.22.15 (Politics) — Archbishop Blase Cupich Shows Strong Support for Unions, Criticizes Right-to-Work
Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich pledged his support and that of the Catholic Church to strengthening the labor movement in a speech to union members at the Plumbers Local 130 hall. Cupich talked at length about the principles of solidarity and the protection of the dignity of workers that link the labor movement and the Catholic Church together.
09.03.15 (Legislation) — Opinion: City Soda Tax Hurts Working-Class People
Over the past few years, empowering children and families to make informed choices about their health has rightfully become a hot topic. We believe that educating Americans about maintaining a balanced lifestyle is critical to our nation's wellbeing.
08.24.15 (Legislation) — Teamsters Oppose Job-Threatening Chicago Soda Tax Increase
The Teamsters oppose the Chicago City Council's proposed additional tax on sodas and other beverages because it would put thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

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