President John T. Coli is calling on Central States to withdraw its so-called "rescue plan" from the U.S. Treasury.
Joint Council 25 Urges Central States to Recall Pension Cut Proposal
10.23.15 In a recent letter to Central States Pension Fund Trustees, Teamsters Joint Council 25 President John T. Coli called on the Fund’s Executive Director Thomas Nyhan to abandon the so-called “Pension Rescue Plan” submitted to the Treasury Department. Central States’ proposal would drastically cut earned pension benefits for more than 400,000 Teamster retirees — irreparably damaging the retirement security members worked for decades to establish. Despite details presented by Nyhan that benefit reductions under the plan would not exceed 22 percent for average retirees, the reality is far worse. Fund beneficiaries could suffer cuts to their pensions from 40 percent to as much as a staggering 60 percent.

Chicago Public Schools Bus Workers Approve First Contract
10.15.15 — Local 777 Negotiates Wages for Drivers, Monitors
Less than one year after overwhelmingly voting to join Local 777, school bus workers at Paige Bus Enterprises in Chicago have ratified their first Teamster contract.
Local 777 Bus Workers Ratify Strong Illinois Central Contracts
10.09.15 — Hundreds of Members Win Wages, Vision Benefits
Members of Teamsters Local 777 working for Illinois Central School Bus recently ratified two identical four-year contracts at Chicago-area bus yards.
Salt of the Earth: Union Negotiator Looks for Happy Medium in Ind.
10.07.15 — Local 142 Recording Secretary Reflects on Career
Harvey Jackson is the recording secretary, a trustee of the pension, health and welfare fund, and one of Local 142's agents.

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