Gov. Bruce Rauner proposes right-to-work or "empowerment zones" in an effort to cripple unions across Illinois.
Teamsters Union Opposes Gov. Rauner on Right-to-Work in Illinois
03.13.15 Since proposing anti-labor initiatives and cuts to social services in his State of the State address, Gov. Bruce Rauner has toured Illinois to show his support for right-to-work. In several speeches since February 25, the governor has called for the establishment of localized right-to-work legislation or “employee empowerment zones” to allow voters to decide what unions can negotiate in the workplace. In separate addresses in Pontiac and Mundelein on March 2, Gov. Rauner said, “I want local voters to control the nature of collective bargaining. I want [voters] to decide what the union can collectively bargain.”

Teamsters Joint Council 25 Makes Endorsements in Chicago Election
03.26.15 — Download List of All Labor-Friendly Candidates
Teamsters Joint Council 25 has made follow-up endorsements for Chicago's General Election on Tuesday, April 7. Download the complete list here of nearly 20 labor-friendly candidates as a quick reference at the ballot box on Election Day.
A Right-to-Work Primer
03.13.15 — What Is RTW and How Could It Affect Illinois?
Better understand the issue and learn more about right-to-work with a fact sheet and frequently asked questions for workers.
Illinois Teamsters Condemn Gov. Rauner's Anti-Union Rhetoric
03.12.15 — Gov. Continues to Outline Race-to-Bottom Tactics
Gov. Bruce Rauner used his inaugural State of the State address on February 4 to set forth an agenda to dismantle labor unions.

Right-to-Work Facts
Better understand the right-to-work issue and Gov. Bruce Rauner's anti-labor proposals with the Joint Council 25 Right-to-Work Fact Sheet.

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